mercredi 5 juin 2013

[Carcosa] Angular Shapeshifter

ANGULAR SHAPESHIFTER : Above the planet Carcosa, floating in the interstellar void is an impossible polyhedron. One can not say if it is convex or concave. It escapes all qualifiers, or rather deserves them all : it regular and irregular, isotoxal and uniform, semi-regular and quasi-regular, ordered and disordered : it is the purest manifestation of the chaotic law. It is constantly changing, losing faces, building others. The only thing for sure about this entity is that it is evil, sentient and terribly cold (its black surface is covered by cosmic frost). In combat, the Angular Shapeshifter drains 1D energy levels by succesful hit.  

Psionics: 1-3 powers up to three times per day

to conjure: The Non-Euclidean Formulas
to banish: The Fifty-fourth Dark Theorem
to bind: Sublimation of the Highest Dimension
to imprison: The Spherical Perfection
to torment: Obliteration of the Null Polytope

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