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Clerics & Anti-Clerics - Part 3

As you may have noticed, there is no accurate description of the Anti-cleric in OD&D. Or rather, a description in the negative: (s)he does not launch the classic versions of reversible clerics spells, (s)he does not repel the undead etc.

This is even better for you! You have full latitude to develop your own Anti-cleric class... Let the creative juices flow! 

Nevertheless, this is a possible vision of the Anti-cleric for OD&D that I designed so that it can be perfectly integrated to the original rules, just between clerics and dwarves in Men & Magic. 

Anti-clerics :  

Anti-clerics are evil alter-ego of clerics of the Law. They are always Chaotic. Organized in hierarchical cults, they worship various demons and can use all the weapons. When Anti-clerics reached the top level (High Evil Priest), they may opt to build their own stronghold, and when doing so receive help from "above". Thus, if they spend 100,000 Gold Pieces in castle construction, they may build a fortress of double that cost. Finally, "faithful" men will come to such a castle, being fanatically loyal, and they will serve at no cost. They will be 30-300 Brigands. Anti-clerics with castles of their own will have control of a territory similar to the "Barony" of fighters, and they will receive "tithes" equal to 20 Gold Pieces/Inhabitant/year. 

Charisma is the prime requisite for Anti-clerics. They can use strength on a 3 for 1 basis (and wisdom on a 2 for 1 basis) in their prime requisite area, for purposes of gaining experience only.  

0         Evil Acolyte
1250   Evil Adept
2500   Shaman
5000   Evil Priest
10000 Evil Curate
20000 Evil Bishop
40000 Evil Lama
80000 Evil High Priest 

Anti-clerics fight and save as Clerics. Anti-clerics use spell books as Clerics and Magic-users.  They use the Clerics spell list but Clerical spells underlined on the table for Cleric Spells have a reverse effect, all others functioning as noted. The chief exception is the Raise Dead spell which becomes:
The Finger of Death:
Instead of raising the dead, this spell creates a "death ray" which will kill any creature unless a saving throw is made (where applicable). Range: 12". 

Demon summonning [for optional use as part of Supplement III]: Anti-clerics can conjure and/or control a demon whose true name they discovered in their treaties of demonology. Anti-clerics roll 2d6 on the following table to determine the success of their attempt (possible negative modifiers, positive modifiers depending on special magic items):

Demon  | Shaman | Evil Priest | Evil Curate | Evil Bishop | Evil Lama | Evil High Priest
Type I 11 9 7 5 3 1
Type II - 11 9 7 5 3
Type III - - 11 9 7 5
Type VI - - - 11 9 7
Type V - - - - 11 9
Type VI - - - - - 11

If the roll is successful, the demon is under control (as the effect of a charm) for 2d6 days x anti-cleric level. The dice roll must be kept secret. Once this time has elapsed, the demon is free to do what it wants (like disembowelling the anti-cleric) for a number of rounds equal to its type. After that, it returns to where it came from. If the roll is unsuccesful, the demon is free to do what it wants (like disembowelling the anti-cleric) for a number of rounds equal to its type. After that, it returns to where it came from. Artifacts may allow the summoning of demon princes.

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  1. You meant "help from below, didn't you? ;-)

  2. Very nice! I'd like to make tweaks to make this compatible with Swords and Wizardry. If I give you full credit, would be okay if I posted it?

    1. Thank you!
      Of course, you have my permission. Everything I write on this blog may be considered open content. I planned to write something about it for S&W. However, do not deprive yourself to adapt it in another way !