mardi 14 mai 2013

[Monster] Ogres

To celebrate the fourth member of this blog, here's another interpretation* of this iconic OD&D monster that I dedicate to Bruce Heard!

*Remember, in monsters and treasures, creatures only have characteristics and an explanatory text of three lines, which leave much to the imagination of the DM.

I also want to make a small tribute to Sham, who disappeared from the blogosphere for a while but whose blog remains essential.

OGRE : No. Appearing: 3-18, AC: 5, Move: 9, HD: 4+1
Ogres are huge humanoids with bulging muscles and long arms that hang almost to the ground. Their massive fists as hard as stone inflict 1d6 +2 points of damage. Curiously, their cranium is external and not internal as with other humanoids, so that people often believe that ogres wear skull helmets. 

"Ogres have a mysterious history. It is not known exactly how they came into being, whether they were created with this world, or whether the union of some eons past races gave spawn to them, as Ogres do not have gender nor do they reproduce. What is known is that there is a finite number of Ogres in he world, and their very existence is threatened by the rise of man. Ogres apparently are immortal, and even those Ogres who have been slain and laid to rest are never truly dead, for their souls are tied to this world."

When an Ogre dies, its body is reduced to dust and his demonic spirit is released. The spirit wanders in the depths until it finds an entire corpse and insinuates in it (however it must wait 1d12 rounds after his death before reincarnating), causing a horrible mutation. The body deforms and eventually transform into that of an Ogre in great shape. The spirit of the ogre can cross all materials except lead and silver. Locked in a cage shaped in such a metal, it can not escape and may then be put to sleep for decades before an oblivious looter releases it ...

Defeating an ogre is very difficult: One must find the gem that the dark sorcerer used to summon this evil spirit and destroy it. This gem is always valuable, but it is rarely in possession of the ogre. These stupid monsters are unaware of the power of these gemstones which are surely hidden somewhere, perhaps in the hoard of another monster. 

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