dimanche 21 avril 2013

Adventure hooks/Random events for Taqat

Here are some ideas to make unforgettable the staying of your players in the Forbidden City of the Black Idols. I might detail more Taqat and its surrounding world (I consider the original idea quite inspiring). What do you think?

Random events/adventure hooks table (roll a d20 every other month for events).
1. Slave revolt.
2. Cult relic theft.
3. Important figure assassination.
4. New important figure rising.
5. Oracle of Gandaar. 
6. Hecatomb (sacrifices).
7. Religious feast.
8. Nomads raiding.
9. Declaration of war.  
10. Attempted pronunciamiento.
11. Conspiracy.
12. Handover of power. 
13. Conflict between two or more important figures.  
14. City under siege.
15. Black Lotus shortage.  
16. Failed ritual.
17. Other good shortage.  
18. Epidemic.  
19. Conflagration.  
20. Unnatural event.

I will post a short explanation of each entry. ;)

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