mercredi 10 avril 2013

[Hexagonal Sunday] More Carcosa...

Maybe a bit late... 

Hex 0006 : 
  • Village of 310 Orange Men led by "Father", a neutral Warrior.
  • Flaming pit of liquid bitumen that burns for several years. One can find the charred remains of several sacrificial victims.
Hex 0007 :
  • 4 Giant Tarentulas.
  • Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 4, MV 9 [land], 12 [flying], 12 [swimming], HD 2, Neutral (intelligent)) : a Yellow octopoid with a suckered hide, three eyes and a circular gaping maw.

Hex 0008 :
  • Citadel of 212 Jale Men led by the "Mighty Spirit of Dreams", a loyal Invoker.
  • Unfathomably deep lake, with green water and green fog, surrounded by a disgusting swamp. No streams supply the lake or nor are fueled by it. 

Hex 0009 :
  • Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 7, MV 12, HD 1, Neutral (intelligent)) : a scaled Blue crustacean, with multiple eyes / insectoid, without mouth and immune to cold.  
  • A chaotic Orange Imprisoner proceding to The Sixth Undulation of the Tentacled One.

Hex 0010 :
  • Field of ancient craters caused by the fall of a meteor shower. Some of these meteorites withstood the impact and are partially made up of purple alien metal, which, if properly extracted (which can be very difficult), can be used to forge weapons of exceptional hardness.
  • Headless robot wandering through the moors.

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