lundi 1 avril 2013

[Hexagonal Sunday] Carcosa

I start therefore a serie of weekly posts on that Easter Monday. In each of these posts, there will be a few hexes whose contents are described. These hexes will be either for a Carcosa setting or for a generic setting.   
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NB : Since all the hexagons of the map have already been filled by Geoffrey, it goes without saying that those listed below are off-map and numbered for convenience only.

Hex 0001 :
  • Castle of 524 Ulfire Men ruled by the "Benevolent Matriarch", a chaotic Binder.
  • Grove of petrified trees, some of which with magic runes engraved long ago by the Serpent Men. A frightful idol stands at the center of the grove.
Hex 0002 :
  • Skeleton of a gigantic horned serpent which lacks some ribs and a horn. 
  • Large area completely burned where three blackened human corpses can be found. One of them has four arms.

Hex 0003 :
  • 2 Green slimes.
  • Citadel of 145 Bone Men led by a neutral Swordsman.

Hex 0004 :
  • Village of 236 Mutated Men without leader.
  • Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 5, MV 21, HD 3, Chaotic) : a colorless ichtyoid without mouth nor eyes, and covered in suckers. 

Hex 0005 :
  • 23 Abandoned dinosaurs eggs whose shell is as hard as stone and stained with vivid colors. 10 of them are disposed in a circle.   
  • The scattered remains of a Jale Man are lying over the entire surface of the hexagon.

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