lundi 1 avril 2013

Hi everybody !

Hello, reader!
Welcome to my blog about D&D and the old-school movement. Here I hope to provide quality material for my favorite settings, namely Geoffrey McKinney's Carcosa, Dave Arneson's Blackmoor and Gary Gygax's Greyhawk. I will also speak of Sword and Wizardry (Matt Finch's clone of OD&D) Epées et Sorcellerie (Nicolas Dessaux's clone of OD&D) and Labyrinth Lord (Dan Proctor's retro-clone of D&D).

Other topics I might adress are: mega-dungeon, hexcrawls, random tables and random generation.
Enjoy !  

PS : Please excuse my poor phrasing : unfortunately, english is not my mother language.

3 commentaires:

  1. Tiens, un nouveau blog pour D&D/OSR... qui ne mentionne pas le miens. Allons, allons! :-)

    1. Étant donné que je suis abonné à ton blog, on peut en effet considérer que c'est un impardonnable oubli (qui est maintenant réparé).